St. Anthony’s recently celebrated 60 years of service with a free barbeque and block party! We thought that this would be an awesome opportunity to keep the discussion about Ecological Toilets going as well as to garner some feedback from the community. We dispatched Julia, who handed out more than 150 postcards designed to […]

Kijani moves in with Hyphae

September 5th, 2011

IMG_0088, a photo by Hyphae Design Lab on Flickr.
We’re excited that our friend Eric Maundu from Kijani Grows, is now sharing our space. He’s brought a breadth of…fish air to the place!

Hyphae Design Laboratory is seeking an intern for 3-6 month duration.  We are now accepting applications.
The Hyphae Design Lab is a small, fun design and project management firm specializing in living systems and architecture. We are designing and building rainwater harvesting and graywater systems in the bay area, as well as consulting on living roofs, […]

“Water & Landscape Systems”

A first for Berkeley!

February 10th, 2010

After 4 months,
3 sets of revisions,
a 5 page set of highly detailed plans,
a 100+ page spec book
and some praying….
we finally got a permit for the first residential indoor reuse of rainwater, Berkeley and Alameda County!
Now Kerby and Graham, are hard at work, on-site to get the system installed.
Check back for more photos of the installation.
Also, […]