About Us


Hyphae (pl. noun): The fine, weblike, branching tubes which make up the body (or mycelium) of a multicellular fungus, responsible for symbiotically sharing nutrients between soil and plants.

Hyphae Design Laboratory is a consulting, design, and engineering firm dedicated to bridging the gap between innovative architecture and applied biological sciences. In the sustainable design community, we embody the biological functions of a hyphal network. We provide the link between disciplines to bring about deeply sustainable collaboration.

Our Mission

Our company strives to bring site specific, community & ecologically-driven solutions to urban infrastructure challenges. We work on ecological, mission driven design & engineering projects for citizens, corporations, crustaceans, communities, and cities alike.


We believe in the intelligence of nature. We research and design human ecosystems that adapt and function as living systems. We are a new breed of design firm, one that blurs the line between science, art, and ecology. We focus on providing innovative yet gracefully appropriate ecological design for both virtual and physical architecture. We bring together environmental engineering, sustainable technologies, traditional biological sciences, and the emerging capabilities of virtual networks. We are a team of ecologists, architects, landscape designers, chemists, molecular biologists, environmental engineers, artists, and open-source computer programmers. Our approach includes a range of low-tech and high-tech systems.


We work in a diversity of design fields and scales. From residential, commercial, institutional, hospitality, and municipal/public space design, we design systems on both urban and rural scales, and manage the design phase of construction projects ranging from $25,000 to $50 million. Our clients include local and national architects, landscape architects, and engineers. Please contact us for an up to date list of clients.